History and Writings

History of The Logan Pub


This history of the Logan Pub is a living thing, and we've just started looking back into the past of the pub, but some fascinating little snippets gleaned from newspapers from around the turn of the 20th century forward (these are taken from the National Library of Australia's Newspaper archive).

(Originally the Logan was known as The Avoca Forest Hotel).

From the Melbourne Argus, Saturday 26 May 1900:




40 ACRES FREEHOLD A Splendid Investment

To be SOLD by AUCTION Immediately After the

Stock Sale

THOMAS MORROW and Co. have been instructed by Mrs Logan to OFFER for SALE, on the above date, at Logan, immediately after the stock sale, LOGAN HOTEL and STORE, with 40 ACRES FREEHOLD LAND, Situated at the junction of the St Arnaud, Inglewood, Wedderburn, Charlton and Bealiba roads, and close to the junction of Fenton's Creek with the Avoca River.

The hotel and store comprises commodious premises with ample accommodation and every convenience for carrying on an extensive trade (which from its situation it will always command) The business Is now bringing in an excellent income, and satisfactory reasons can be given for its disposal.

Very liberal terms, declared at sale.

Stock and furniture to be taken at valuation.

Inspection invited

For further particulars apply on the premises to Mrs. Logan, or Thos. Morrow and Co., auctloneers Inglewood and Bendigo.

From the Melbourne Argus, Monday 24 September 1900:

PECULIAR LICENSING POINT At the Police Court, Wedderburn (Victoria), on the 19th inst., before Mr. W. W. Greene, J. W. Britten applied for the transfer of the license of the Avoca Forest Hotel from John F. Logan to himself.

Inspector McHugh objected to the transfer., on the grounds of the applicant's "bad fame and character, and his being a suspected cattle stealer." Applicant, in evidence, stated that be had been charged with cattle stealing at Wedderburn and Bealiba, but had been acquitted on both charges.  On the second charge he was presented by the Crown at St. Arnaud on 11th inst., and was acquitted without the jury leaving the box, the Judge stating that the only conclusion he could come to from the Crown witnesses was that "they brought the charge simply to extort money," or words to that effect.  Constables Foers and Horbrook swore that applicant was suspected of cattle stealing. Mr. Greene said he would strike out everything except the suspicion of stealing, as nothing had been proved as to bad fame and character. Several witnesses gave evidence to the effect that Britten was an innocent man, and that the police were persecuting him. The P.M., in giving his decision, said he remembered the case regarding the alleged cattle stealing. In the case that came before him (Mr. Greene) there was only suspicion; but the question was, "Is a man to be deprived of his licence because he was charged before a police court?" The constables swore that they had suspected him for the past five years, and such a person had a certain amount of suspicion hanging over bim, even if the jury said " Not guilty." He was afraid he could not grant the license, as a person having a license in a lonely place such as the Forest had great facilities for good or bad. The word of the two policemen must be considered, and they went a long way against the opinion of the others. The transfer would therefore be refused.

From the Melbourne Argus, Friday 21st December 1900:

A special sitting of the Licensing Court, comprising. Messrs, Dwyer, Anderson, and Dickson, P.M.'s, was held at Ballarat on Thursday, to deal with an application for the transfer of the license of the Avoca Forest Hotel from Frances Logan to John W. Britten, skin dealer, of Bealiba. The application, which was opposed by Sub inspector McHugh, was granted by the Court, also the renewal for the ensuing 12 months.

From the Melbourne Argus, Tuesday 8th September 1908:

The Logan Hotel and Store, owned by Messrs. Bilton Brothers and occupied by Mr. Reg. Draper, was destroyed by fire this morning, all the contents being lost. The buildings were insured for £500 in the Victoria Fire Office, and the stock and contents for £750 in the Imperial Office. 

From the Melbourne Argus, Monday 16 July 1928:

The freehold of the Avoca Forest Hotel at Logan has been sold to Mr. Oscar Herbert. The vendor was Mr. Donald Stewart, of Essendon.

From the Melbourne Argus, Friday 12 July, 1946:

I, Oscar Herbert, of Logan, hotel proprietor, the holder of a Victualler's licence for the licensed premises known as the Avoca Forest Hotel, Logan, in the Licensing District of Koreeh and Eaglehawk, and Î. Leslie Wright, of Forest Hill, Melbourne, hereby give notice that we will APPLY to the Licensing Court at Melbourne on the 22nd day of July, 1946, for the TRANSFER of the said LICENCE to the said Leslio Wright.

Dated the first day of July. 1946

OSCAR HERBERT. Transferor.

L. WRIGHT, Proposed Transferee.

From the Melbourne Argus, Saturday 26 November 1949:

SCARFF BROS. PTY. LTD.. 379 Collins street. Melbourne, Hotel Brokers,


I, Leslie Wright, the holder of a Victualler's licence for the Avoca Forest Hotel, at Logan, in the Koreeh Licensing District, and I, Edward Arthur Shugg, of Jean Street, Upper Ferntree Gully, hereby give notice that we will APPLY to the Licensing Court at Melbourne on Monday, the fifth day of December. 1949, for the TRANSFER of the LICENCE to the said Edward Arthur Shugg.

Dated the 23rd day of November, 1949.



From the Melbourne Argus, Saturday 26 September 1953:


I, Monica O'Meara the holder of a Victualler's licence for Avoca Forest Hotel at Logan in the Koreeh Licensing Distiict and I Myrtle Agnes Finn of 1 Hoskin Street West Fieston hereby give notice that we will APPLY to the Licensing Court at Melbourne on Monday the fifth day of October 1953 for the TRANSFER of the LICENCE to the said Myrtle Agnes Finn.

Dated 18th September 1953

Logan - a piece of real Australia

Logan, a rustic and historically significant hamlet in North Central Victoria, offers the genuine tourist a wealth of valuable experiences.  Located a paltry two hours drive from Melbourne, the area boasts some superb scenic, high speed, touring roads with extremely low traffic density.

The almost total absence of constabulary (or indeed any semblance of law and order) is another fine feature of the district, greatly appreciated by the motor cycling connoisseurs.

Habitués of the Avoca Forest Hotel (better known as The Logan Pub) and newcomers might savour its early colonial cuisine, its quaint architecture, its tranquility and the warm bush hospitality offered by the Turner Family.

Of singular fascination to the visiting urban city dweller is the unique homespun country humour of the armed (but friendly) inbreeds and genetic mutants who scratch out a miserable existence as kangaroo shooters and hog butchers.

Camping and sanitary facilities are centrally located anywhere and reflect the hardy pioneering spirit for which the region is so justly renowned.

The excellent climatic region of Logan and its environs is the envy of all Southern Victoria and, as the four year drought enters its thirteenth year, the weather promises to be even hotter than last year.

Abundant local flora and fauna afford the amateur botanist or zoologist rare delights. Feral dogs, cats and wild boars, crazed with heat, rampage through the pungent infestation of stinkweed and stinging nettles, raising maddened black clouds of marsh flies and hordes of European wasps.

While at night, venomous reptiles and arachnids emerge from tangles of boxthorn to compete for sustenance with scorpions, bull ants and swarms of mosquitoes from the foetid brackish creeks and poisonous water holes which abound in the area.

Obviously then, Logan, with its endless variety of absolutely nothing, represents outstanding paucity of value for the tourist dollar. A shabby scrap of dying history.

So journey to Logan and relive the shocking hardship of those wretched souls who opened up this land for reasons that no historian has ever been able to fathom.

All roads lead to the Logan Pub.

The Logan Pub's the place to go
Australia's best bush pub on show
Just 80 clicks from Bendigo
St Arnaud 15 mins away
Wedderburn 15 the other way

For those who like to drink and play
The beer is cold, the talk is bold
Pool and darts are both on offer
Good sorts abound for all ages
Grannies, grown ups, teenage ragers
Football, cricket, racing matters
Helped along with Ma's platters

Bloody Keith is your genial host
Make Logan your Winning Post