Situations Vacant

We just love this pub, it's been a part of our family life for 10 years now and we have enjoyed every minute of it.  Out in the scrub we've got room to move, there's room to play, to grow, to indulge in your own hobbies and interests, as well as those the kids might want to try. You're out of the rat race, and into the fresh air and the big skies.  There are fabulous things to see, genuine people to meet and friendships to form.  Most of all, there's elbow room in which to do those things.

There's always opportunities at the Logan Pub

Passing Through

When you're on the Wallaby you could be looking for somewhere to stop a while.  To build up the bank, just take a rest, recuperate and do something different.  At The Logan Pub we're happy to come to a deal with you where you can do a bit of work around the pub in exchange for accommodation or meals or if you're really keen, we can work out how to compensate you for the difference.  We're open to talking about what would suit you the best to come and join us at the Pub.


In the 10 years that we've been here we've done a lot of things with the pub, and there's so much potential for more to come.  We've got lots of ideas and dreams and we bet that other people will see the same potential that we do.  In fact we believe that the potential is pretty well only limited by your imagination and energy levels.  

The Logan Pub is a great place and it deserves a future.   This could be a chance for you to give you and your own family a future as well.

If life in a great little country pub is something you've often thought would be just the thing for you - we're looking for a way to make sure that the pub continues to be the Best Little Aussie Pub in the Scrub.

Interested?  Give Geoff or Helen a call on (03) 5496 2220.  We'd love to hear from you if you've a mind to share the future.

Geoff & Helen Turner