The Logan Diggers Club

Situated in Victoria's Golden Triangle, the goldrush isn't a part of history around here.  Fossickers and miners alike still come to the area regularly, many returning with good finds to this day.

The Logan Gold Diggers Club can help everyone, from the dedicated fossicker to the occasional participant, to increase their chances of a golden find.

Club Activities include:

  • Talks from Knowledgeable Geologists and Mining Experts
  • Special outings

Members of the club can also arrange accommodation at the Pub and we can provide transport out to fossicking sites, as well as catering.


If you're interested in joining the club, there will be a small fee, but we're just finalising all the details, including the tremendous benefits you will get for that very small fee.  Please let us know of your interest though and we'll happily send you out the full club outline when it's ready.